Teodor Dimitrov

Java Development Leader at Kaufland Service IT Hub

Teodor is a Java Development Leader in Kaufland Service IT Hub. Even though he was recently promoted to the role Teo has previous experience in working in the Telecom industry as a Team Leader with a proven track record of leading people to success. He is also extremely oriented to teaching others as he was responsible for training people in the Software University.

Since he joined the IT Hub in 2017, he was part of the founding of two strategical projects K-Standards and Bau-Standards which are now successfully in production. He also took a huge role in the creation and development of the Internship Program of the company which he practically built from scratch. In his TL role he takes leadership of the Java Team and the Internship Program. He also utilizes his strong business partnership skills to ensure the smooth collaboration between the company international teams in all projects.

Reactive backend with RDBMS

Day 2 – 11th Dec 13:30-15:20 Hall Europa (6th Floor) Teodor Dimitrov, Georgi Manev, Ivan Mashalov, Stanimir Iliev, Rumen Papukchiev, Zdravko Kostadinov


Vertical scaling with Spring WebFlux

Day 2 – 11th Dec 10:30-11:20 Main Hall #Influencers Advanced