Tushka Dermendzhieva

My name is Tushka and I am a Java Technical lead at Scalefocus. I work mainly in Java based projects. I have strong technical background mainly as a Java backend developer.

I am passionate about new technologies and mentoring. I am also interested in topics for self-improvement and coaching.

I love traveling abroad, meeting new people and learning about other cultures. 

gRPC: A Modern Toolkit for Microservice Communication

Day X Hall X Novice Tushka Dermendzhieva, Georgi Sotirov

gRPC is an open source RPC framework.gRPC passes data through protocol buffers. The framework is based on a client-server model of remote procedure calls. It supports languages as Java, C++, Python, Node.js, Go and others.
Here is a list with topics we are going to discuss during the talk:
1. What is gRPC?
2. Problems with REST and how gRPC can solve them
3. When to use gRPC over REST
4. Comparison to other communication technologies
5. Demo
6. Conclusion