Dimitar Krastev

Dimitar Krastev is currently Expert Software Engineer at Zühlke Engineering. Before joining Zühlke, he was Senior Software Developer at VMware where he was involved as a consultant in various cloud projects, including leading telecommunication providers in Europe. During that period Dimitar was in several high-profile project requiring special customer focus. Alongside being full stack developer, he is specifically focused on customer facing workshops, escalation management and consulting.

Prototyping platforms for any IoT use case

Day 2 – 11th Dec 10:30-12:20 Hall Europa (6th Floor) Novice Dimitar Krastev, Dr. Pavlin Dobrev, Kai Hackbarth, Martin Tsarev

Internet of Things is becoming the heart of more and more projects. Each IoT project starts with a PoC prototype. This workshop will walk you through what a prototyping platform is and how it impacts the development of a project. Using the Bosch XDK, we will go through what such a board offers as sensors, connectivity, functionality and extensions and interesting examples from the real world. Bosch and Zuhlke developed the platform to encourage community development and open source coding thus we will see some live coding on the stop.

You are a consultant, you just don’t know it yet

Day 2 – 11th Dec 16:20-17:10 Hall 8 #AIST Novice

In this fast changing world and the adoption of Agile processes, the customer exposure of the developers is increasing. This introduces a demand for new set of skills. Developers are expected to communicate and collaborate with the customer closely. This creates a new set of challenges every developer will face. Soft skills are now becoming a common asset for every developer.